Outstanding and seamless employee onboarding

Provide real human experience. From the interview, through their first year, and beyond

Employee helping each other to climb on the next stair symbolising the first steps at a company during the onboarding.
A HR professional welcomes a new, talented employee on her first day.

Attract the most valuable professionals

Labor market changed in the last decade, you also need to change with it. It shifted towards more human centric approaches so proving that you place focus on people will help attract talents.

Most valuable experts have the choice to choose their employers. Be the one how provides the most human workplace to attract them.

Human centric onboarding

Onboarding new employees shouldn’t mean expertise replacement. To truly onboard somebody, you need to help him/her to join the community and get to know their colleagues. To reach their full potential they need to be comfortable in their working environment.
Two employees embrace the new colleague to help him join the community.
HR promoting the company as a great workplace with Meestory as an additional benefit.

Promote as additional benefit

Meestory is a tangible service you can show to job applicants to prove that you have focus on people.

Job seekers usually highly value additional programs and services that serves employee experience and their wellbeing.

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Attract talents

Get an advantage in hiring talents by showing you built a great community.

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Convincing probation

Convince people to work for you by seamlessly onboarding them to the community.

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Proof of a great community

Easily proof your efforts to build a human centric workplace by showing your Meestory schedule.

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