Retain employees to strengthen your company

Build a great workplace community to retain your workforce and save on headhunters, onboarding, training and less often quited expertise.

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Two coworkers chatting next to each other, having a good time.

Friendships as motivation

Workplace friendships are the one of the strongest motivations to keep a job and not to quit.

Our goal is to make coworkers know each other and build strong relationships. This leads to a high commitment to the community and the employer as well.

How Meestory creates friendships?

Meestory connects people by their interests instead of maintaining cliques and groups of the workplace.

Imagine that Jack works on finance while Jim on IT. They don’t know each other despite they work on the same floor. In case they both like to play football, Meestory’ll find out and make them play together. As they attend on more and more events they get to know each other and they become friends.

People sitting on a sofa watching a movie together.
Multiple people working on a hard puzzle that forges them together.

How Meestory brings people together?

Meestory has many features that helps and motivates people to organize events and meet in real life. We designed the platform to facilitate ad-hoc events, alongside with maintaining recurring and frequent activities. All in free time, that makes things super easy and informal.

In general, building and strengthening relationships ties people together. This commitment can significantly increase overall employment duration.

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Save on recruitment

Long term Employee Retention saves on costs, as you have to pay headhunters and spend time on recruitment less often.

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Less onboarding & training costs

Retaining employees for longer means you don’t have to onboard and train new workforce constantly.

You can reallocate your resources to further training and supporting personal and professional development of existing employees.

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Keep knowledge & expertise

Employees accumulated knowledge and expertise directly impacts your company’s performance and revenue.

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