Build a great employer brand among your current and future employees

To attract talents and highly valuable experts you need to convince them that you’re a great employer.

Employees building employer brand by sharing their experiences on social media.
People speak about their employer, leaves positive reviews and shares their experience with their friends.

Brand like a service

To become and attractive and outstanding employer, you need to create a great brand around your company. In today’s labor market, where you need to compete for the talents you need to brand and sell your workplace like a service.

Branding starts at current employees and their experiences. Build a brand internally and spread through personal recommendations.

Valuable for recommendation

You can try hard to convince people that you’re a great employer, but it does not matter if your employees have a bad opinion.

The true base for a good employer brand is their employee’s opinion. Your company is not determined by your services and facilities but your employees.

Employees have a great opinion about their employer, so they recommend it.
Employees at a cosy workplace are sharing their toughs, experiences with each other.

Community is your true brand

What makes a company great? A plenty of things, but people who work there are the source of success.

Thankful and happy employees will convince talents and valuable experts to choose you, not the stuff you provide.

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Personal recommendations

Attract future employees with personal recommendations from your current employees.

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Proof of community

Show a proof of the community and of human centric workplace with Meestory.

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Outsourced branding

Employer Branding is hard and expansive in the traditional way. Build a strong brand with your people, without spending on advertisement.

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