Release the full potential of the workforce

Bring people together from multiple departments to meet and innovate.

People bringing together matching puzzles to a perfect fit.
Employees discussing a problem and someone is suggesting an idea which is a perfect solution.

Communication is gold

Personal connections within a company allows people to share their difficulties with each other. Solutions are usually just a question or complaint away if you tell it to the right person.

Connect people who work independently

With Meestory, an employee will meet people form different teams and departments instead of limiting their network to their team. Cross-department connections creates the opportunity to innovate and find effective solutions.
Lines are connecting multiple employees working separated in different fields.
Employees chatting near the water dispenser, drinking coffee and discussing something next to a table.

Grow you internal network

Letting employees meet with each other independently of their field or role helps them build informal relationships and boosts communication. They will inevitably share work related experiences, problems and ideas that helps your company perform.
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Informal communication

Informal communications helps you detect structural and performance issues in your organization.

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Personal acquaintances helps employees find the right person to ask about their difficulties.

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Connecting expertise from different fields makes them cooperative and innovate to bring real solutions.

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