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Organization setup

Before you can start using the Meestory app you need to get an invite from your organization. Otherwise, you need to register your organization to Meestory.

Easy organization

Simplifies leisure activity and event organization

Shared ideas

Collects event ideas and helps to find the best date. Make it happen with a single tap.

Smart notifications

Up-to-date info instantly. Fully customizable.

1 click reorganization

Reorganize a previous event in seconds

Screenshot of the meestory app showing ideas and upcoming events

Powerful subscriptions

Subscribe to people, ideas and hashtags to get notified when a new event is announced

Calendar sync

Find all your upcoming events in your favorite calendar app

Personalized suggestions

Discover all the events, ideas, hashtags in a personalized way

Event chat room

Discuss all the details with other participants in a private chat room.

Find and join leisure activities like a board game party with colleagues
Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store

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