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Meestory’s features are designed to help people connect, meet and gather shared experiences

More than a dozen people happily stands next to each other.
A screenshot from Meestory showing a #boardgame search result with 4 participants for today at 18:00 with a bright Join! button.

Event organization

Meestory will make your employees organize free time activities together

  • Everybody can announce an event and anybody can join it
  • The app helps to find mates for the desired activity so you don’t have to convince others
  • With our rapid and easy event organization, people can meet within a few minutes
  • One click reorganize for repeating events

Event ideas

Meestory brings people's event ideas to a shared place and makes them happen.

  • Find great ideas or bring up yours
  • Vote for dates to find the perfect day
  • Use an idea as template to announce an event in seconds
Multiple screenshots from Meestory showing a yoga idea date voting, along with a movie and a table tennis idea with a few dozens of subscribers. It shows add idea button to show that anybody can share an idea.
Multiple screenshots from Meestory showing event recommendation, new idea and event reorganization notification.

Smart notifications

Meestory is designed to reduce in app time with its great notification system.

  • Well known subscription model to follow people, hashtags and ideas
  • Get event followup notifications for reorganized events
  • Highly customisable notification preferences

Personalized suggestions

Meestory provides personalized features to ensure a great user experience and skyrocket event organizations.

  • Real-time personalized subscription suggestions
  • Organization recommendations to bring ideas and past events to life
  • Provides personalized motivation factors
Multiple screenshots from Meestory. First showing hashtag and user recommendations to subscribe. Second showing hashtag and idea recommendation for event organization with potential participant count and highlighted users who would probably attend.
Multiple screenshots from Meestory. First showing in-app features to share a public link and add guests at event application. Second showing an invitation with the inviters image and name.

Meet with family & friends

Meestory can share events with non registered users with secured links to invite family and friends.

  • Secure link sharing for non-members
  • Our “plus-one” feature allows to bring guests

Insights & Analytics

Meestory is a privacy based platform, but it provides useful insights and analytics

  • Activity trends
  • Event statistics
  • Platform usage
Multiple metrics are visible on a circle, line, chart diagram, along with a graph representation.
GDPR compliance, SSL encryption and a satisfied security checklist.

Privacy & Security

We are strongly committed to privacy and security. Our mission is to combine work and private life together and maintain balance. We will ensure no one can access private data and use it incorrectly.

  • GDPR compliance
  • Highly restricted data access for companies, to ensure our users are shielded from curious eyes
  • High security standards. Including enforced encrypted communications, thoroughly tested access control and strictly followed security best practices.

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